Street Food & Nightlife

Palermo can be regarded as a paradise for lovers of street food and fun thanks to the many street markets in the city, the traditional street vendors in central streets and the nightlife that animate the city.
Among the street food dishes we suggest the “sfincione”, the “panelle”, the croquettes and “Pani ca meusa”, a sandwich with the veal spleen, all to be enjoyed while standing by the street vendors that fill the streets and squares of the historic city.
The Sfincione is a soft focaccia topped with onion, tomato and oregano, sold by street vendors who move on “lapini”, characteristic three-wheeled vehicles.
“Panelle” are made of fried chickpea flour and should be enjoyed in the classic mafalde bread, seasoned with sesame seeds. Croquettes (crocché)are made of potato and parsley.
The bread with the veal spleen is a soft loaf of bread (vastella) stuffed with bits of spleen and lung, cooked in large pots of metal, to be tried in variants with cheese or lemon.
The historic center of Palermo with his old, delicious food and wine specialties is a real gourmet paradise.
The areas of Paleromo that are most loved by its inhabitants and tourists in search of local and evening entertainment are located mainly in via Candelai, in Piazzetta della Canna and in the surrounding streets.
Other fashionable areas as meeting places for young people are the nearby markets of Vucciria and Ballarò which, in the evening, are transformed from city markets into places of pure entertainment.