The Center of Palermo

Palermo is a city rich in history, art and culture, with a lively and cheerful nightlife. The city historic squares, palaces, churches and colorful markets make the center of Palermo one of the liveliest and characteristic of Italy.

Hotel Europa Palermo, due to its central location, allows guests to walk to some of the most fascinating places in the city center, such as the small Piazza Vigliena, commonly known as Quattro Canti that for a long time was the center of the town life. This square is the point where the two main arteries of the city Via Maqueda and Corso Vittorio Emanuele meet.
At the four corners of Piazza Vigliena you can admire the facades of four seventeenth-century palaces, divided into three sections, with four fountains in the center, dominated by the statues of the four seasons.
Hotel Europa is located a few meters from Viale della Libertà one of the main streets of the city, from which you can easily reach Via Maqueda.

Palermo is a city of theaters, with a wide range of shows. In the city there are historical theaters such as Teatro Politeama, Teatro Massimo and the Biondo, and more recently opened theaters such as the Nuovo Teatro Montevergini and the Teatro delle Balate. Hotel Europa is located just a few steps from the theatre Teatro Politeama Garibaldi.

Not far from here there is also the Cathedral of Palermo, the main place of worship in the city and church of world renown. It was built in 1184 by Gualtiero Offamilio and over the centuries has undergone several changes that have made the cathedral the expression of many different styles.
Hotel Europa thanks to its central location in the heart of the city of Palermo is the ideal choice to discover the most important cultural sites and the most hidden corners of the city.